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Why Employee Engagement is Critical to a World Class AP Team!

If your company has not already started to return to the office after working remote, chances are they will soon. Whether you realize, the culture of your workplace is going to be critical to the success of your team.

Many companies experienced layoffs, furloughs, and drastic changes to the way in which they conduct business over the last twelve months. This can put morale at a low place and cause employees to feel as though what they do does not matter. As a leader, you have the ability to change that!

I have always been a firm believer that employee engagement begins with how much one trusts their direct supervisor. If you have not though much about this concept, I highly encourage you to research Dick Finnegan at C-Suite Analytics, he just might convince you! Need more convincing, check out Patrick Lencioni’s “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.” The foundation of the pyramid is Absence of Trust!

In your relationships at work, trust means so much more than being able to count on getting work done. It means standing up for your team members who make a mistake. It means actions that are consistent with your words, and occur over time. It is mutual, it has to be.

Employees who feel trusted are empowered to get work done to their best ability. They know they’ll be supported and that they are part of a team that works for each other, so they can achieve common goals.

Still don’t believe that trust is a huge component of engagement – then let me ask you this – Do you give your all to perform well for someone you don’t trust? Then why should you expect anyone else to?

So what can do you? This is where communication becomes critical. In remembering that your work culture is likely in a state of flux, your team needs to know what is going on. And while you cannot always share confidential information, it is your responsibility to share what you can, when you can, and it be accurate. Do not tell your team there will be no more lay offs if there might be. Do tell them that leadership is doing all they can to reduce costs in other areas to prevent any additional lay offs.

According to, “Employees at high-trust workplaces do happily give extra effort that drives growth, but in a sustainable way that goes far beyond engagement.” I could not agree more!

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