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As an AP professional, you know how critical an accurate and compliant vendor master file (VMF) is. One can easily argue that it is the foundational element of your entire payables process. Since accurate files are also used to maintain regulatory compliance and minimize fraud, we are here to help. 

The team at Payables Solution Partners will assist you in creating new controls to govern a vendor master policy, appropriate forms to acquire and validate data, as well as do a thorough review of your current vendor master file. We want to help you accept that vendor master data management is a process, not a simple one-time project. 

In order to optimize your vendor master file management, we will assist you in driving support throughout your organization. Helping you partner with procurement, supply chain, and even, the dreaded, internal audit department.

We want you to be confident that your AP team has a buttoned up, compliant vendor master process in place, that protects the company’s #1 asset – cash!

In the world of AP, automation seems like a no-brainer, with endless benefits, yet many organizations do not know where to begin. Furthermore, if your current environment lacks standard processes and policies, the transition to an automated solution can seem insurmountable.

The team at Payables Solutions Partners is here to complete a thorough analysis and review with you of your current processes to determine the best path for AP automation and efficiencies. We tailor each solution to your business objectives and will assist you in presenting the possible solutions to your senior leaders. 

We know that you must have a compelling case, that you confidently deliver to your CFO, and even then, there will be questions. Our goal is to help you prepare to answer those questions with an accurate analysis on the return of investment.

We want you to be excited about the possibilities of automation, and help your organization keep up with the ever-changing landscape of business technology. 

Accounts payable is responsible for compliance with many tax laws and regulations, and as organizations explained globally, AP has to keep up on not only their own government regulations, but those of other governmental jurisdictions. Simply put, AP doesn’t just pay bills. 

The team at Payables Solutions Partners are here to guide you through the necessary tax laws and regulations that pertain to your organization, as well as how to keep up on the changes. Since changes can happen more than one time a year, it is critical that you have the resources available to ensure your compliance.

Tax year 2020 provided AP teams all across the US with the most drastic update to the Form 1099 in recent history. This is just one example, in which our team completed the necessary courses in order to be your experts in such a challenging year.  

We want to simplify the daunting tasks of keeping up with the requirements of things like sales and use tax, value-added tax (VAT), and escheatment. 


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We specialize in creating paperless environments, implementing EDI, and creating vendor portals.

We can also assist you in implementing an OCR or workflow solution, as well as determining your software needs. The list is truly endless.